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Learn Programming from a Launcher for Free

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Programming is a part of Life for many of us. A report From Burning Glass Suggest that overall programming jobs are increasing by 12%.

"Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think"

— Steve Jobs

Steve jobs didn't tell how to learn program but I will.

Every day people spend Hours on a computer to increase knowledge & skill on Programming. Watching Videos and Many More Ways to learn to program.

But the Experience on programming comes only when we work on a real-world Project. But to work on a real-world project you need to build a Project from Scratch. It will consume a lot of your valuable time.

So if I tell you that you can work on a project which is already built.

Also can be accessed on your phone for Free.

It is ap37 Launcher

What? Are you kidding me?

Yes, but it is what it is. A launcher!

Basically a launcher with a cool looking layout which is definitely not pleasing to your eyes, But you know what, I like it a lot.

So here is the thing it has a layout as the image below

ap37 launcher screenshot

And the Editor looks like

ap37 launcher editor screenshot

When you long Press on the vacant area in the Launcher a code editor pops up and there you all have it, edit the code as you want to save it & see the change. The best part is Learning while enjoying.

A Hope all your doubt are cleared regarding the Launcher. Well, let me know if you find this helpful & you know what Sharing is caring.

You can Download it for Free on Play store

( Well actually I shouldn't say this, but if you had used this app please can you tell me what language is there on the editor 😅 Please Don't tell anyone 😁 its a secret between us )

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