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Do Hyperion Launcher Deserves the Hype

Hyperion Launcher is the newest & fast Growing Launcher among others. Its Comes with a good amount of customization. Though the Launcher is free but more features can be accessed with a reasonable amount of payment.
Now let's discuss the Highlighting features of Hyperion Launcher.
Accent & preset theme The Launcher has preset Light, Black, Dark Transparent themes. ( We can use the Dark theme as Night Mode, can't we? ).
Hyperion Launcher theme
The color provides a uniform color throughout the Launcher, Eases the process of customization according to your need.
App info in Hyperion Launcher Well, This isn't something like a Feature but I like the design of this a Lot. Google should probably look into applying this in the upcoming Android version Because it is more satisfying than opening the app info in Settings. Look at the below screenshot.
app info screenshot
Dock blur The dock blur is just awesome & Border curves are the cherry on Icing. We can add background custom background color to the Dock.
Profile manager One of the Most Highlighting features of Hyperion Launcher is Probably The Custom Profile. You can Switch Your Launcher Setups Easily.
Profile manager
For Example: If you are at your office you can make a different setup like removing unnecessary apps for home screen & just focusing on Productive apps.
But when you are at home you can switch to a different setup that you like.
Those were some of the highlighting features of Hyperion Launcher.
But you know what Nothing is perfect in this world & Hyperion Launcher is no exception. Though we can't Complain about Bugs because they are constantly Updating this Launcher with improved Stability & features.
Personal Perspective I would love if the Launcher has at least one Official Wallpaper. But there isn't a Single.
My Beloved tap to open App drawer icon is missing. Like this // image
Why everyone Follows Google's Design. Google added swipe up to open app drawer in pixel Launcher so almost all the Launcher in the play store is having the same method. Like Google is the one Who Decides the Design Trends.
Hyperion Launcher should include alternative methods to open the App drawer. Too much swipe... 😕
Build by Projekt Development LLC I lot of Credit for Hype of Hyperion Launcher goes to the Famous developers Projekt Development LLC The Minds behind Substratum & Andromeda. A am not saying that it is Overhyped. The Launcher is some new of a kind. It has Some New Features which people would probably love.
Conclusion I know you were thinking that I haven't said about Nova Launcher vs Hyperion Launcher. Because I shouldn't.
Every Developer works Hard to make there Launcher Unique, Satisfying, Stable so they are unique in there own. Some feature that they have and others won't and vice versa.
Hyperion Launcher is Good Choice for those who want a Modern Curvy Design, Good amount of features & custom fonts what! 😱 Okay, I forget to mention that You can have custom fonts in this Launcher which can be the best feature for most of the people. But its available for plus members 😅
Lets discuss further down in comments

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