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iOS theme For Android like iPhone Xs but with an app drawer

  • ios theme screenshot
  • ios theme screenshot

iOS theme is truly Built on Just one Concept. An iOS Launcher With a beloved App Drawer.
From childhood, I was thinking why steve jobs never added an added drawer in iPhone maybe he didn't want to copy it from android. But if he would be alive today then probably he will appreciate me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
So don't Wait for a moment Just Apply This Theme and Enjoy iOS Launcher With an App Drawer.

  • First Download all the Required Apps.
  • Extract the zip File.
  • Restore the Nova launcher backup.
  • Now Go to Home screen And Apply the Zooper Widgets using the Screenshot above as a reference.

You may refer the above video for the procedure, to setup this theme

Note: This Theme requires Only Nova Launcher & iOS 11 icon pack which are available on Play Store for free. But to Increase the size of the icon & some other Features, Nova launcher prime is Required which is a paid App on Play Store.

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