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Kitkat theme for Nova Launcher on Android

  • android kitkat screenshot
  • android kitkat screenshot
  • android kitkat screenshot


This theme is based on Android KitKat version, Making everything like old school as possible. This theme works on Nova launcher only.
Google added the Material design on Android ok a Good Design but Later updates came and my phone became just White literally White everything turned into a white paper it was Too much (ಥ﹏ಥ).
So I made Kitkat Theme and get a glimpse of my first android version. It is Based on Nova Launcher.
Read the Instructions on how to apply the theme.


1. First, download the theme resources including wallpaper.
2. Open Nova launcher theme Setting
3. Now Backup & Import Settings
4. Then restore & Manage Backups
5. Then Browse the file that you will be downloading from the link below

Note: To Change The Size of the icons, Add Gestures & other features. Nova launcher prime is Required which is an paid app on play store.

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